Eco Hip Bamboo Dog Collar

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The perfect collar by Wagging Green! The double thick 100% organic Bamboo webbing makes it super strong, the mix of color makes it super hip, and the fringe makes it super hippy! As always, Wagging Green supports organizations working to care for the planet by dedicating 5% of our profits to fund green projects.

Bamboo webbing is naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant, more absorbent and fast drying than other natural fabrics, breathable, and 100% biodegradable! No pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers are involved, making this the greenest fiber on Earth.

Available in 3 colors (from top to bottom)
Falling Leaves/Pebble
Twilight/Spring Lilac
Bamboo Zen/Tree Bark

Available in 3 sizes
Small: 3/4" wide, fits 10"- 15" neck
Medium: 1" wide, fits 14" - 19" neck
Large: 1" wide, fits 18" - 26" neck


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